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Durante más de 30 años, el Dr. EJ Stringer, DMD y el Dr. Joseph Mullen, DDS han construido una excelente reputación en la comunidad de Frederick, Maryland. Hemos ganado el Angie lista Super Service Award por dos años consecutivos (2012 y 2013) y mantenemos una calificación de 5 estrellas de Google + Local. Te invitamos a leer algunos de nuestra revisión de abajo a la izquierda y agradecemos sus comentarios así.

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Reviews of Dr Eunjoo Stringer, Dr. Joseph Mullen & Our Staff

“I have trusted Carol and Dr. Mullen for many years with my family's dental care. They have always been professional and knowledgeable and most importantly they know us and know our individual dental needs.”

- Laura H.
Mar 19, 2014 | Smile Reminders

“Dr. Mullen has been our dentist since we moved to Frederick about 20 years ago, and we have always been quite pleased with the treatment we have received in his office.”

- Eileene B.
Feb 11, 2014 | Smile Reminders

5 stars, Loved it! That is a completely accurate rating for the 5 visits I have had to Joseph Mullen, D.D.S. and EJ Stringer, DMD office. I feel that it is only fair that I write a detailed review considering reading others reviews is what encouraged us to call and make our appointments. Well, that and the fact that they offered sedation (which I have never used and will get to later). The first person we spoke to was Chrissy in the office. George made the call knowing that I am completely terrified of the dentist. The first step was to get me back into a waiting room. After talking to Chrissy and her explaining how things work there, I felt comfortable enough to take the plunge. She promised that they would take good care of me (she even checked on me while I was in the chair)!

My first visit I was beyond anxious, the office staff was very friendly and made me feel like I wasn't crazy for being so nervous. I have had so many terrible and terrifying dental "events" I had lost faith completely in dentists. I was seen by Dr. Stringer and her assistant Susan Fisher. If Dr. Stringer hadn't become a dentist I'm pretty sure she would have done well as a comedian. They were so funny and truly nice people. The pair of them made me feel completely relaxed. They both heard my countless horror stories of dentists past and really listened to what was causing my fears. Dr. Stringer was convinced that I didn't need sedation, just restored faith.

I am here to tell you I still get anxious every time I have to go to the dentist but with each appointment I feel more comfortable and less tense. I have had a root canal with Dr. Patel ...believe it or not, I fell asleep. I had a cleaning with Cindy Martin last week, she has an impressive amount of experience. I was impressed with her professionalism and true concern for my feelings and anxiety. She explained everything she was going to do before she did it. My teeth felt amazing after the fluoride treatment wore off, and I am actually looking forward to my next cleaning for the first time in my life.

Today I had my final root canal appointment, Dr. Stringer put my new crown on. It is beautiful, the appointment was painless and I am more than happy with the final results. It looks and feels perfect. I have a few more appointments on the books and I can honestly say that although I don't know that I will ever love the idea of going to the dentist, I absolutely love this office and I am so glad that we found them. A sincere thank you to all of the wonderful people mentioned above for providing me with great care. ”

- Christy W.
December, 2013 | Google+ Local

“Our family has enjoyed the dental practice of Dr. Mullen and now Dr. Stringer for many years. The entire staff is very professional and always so friendly. Going to the dentist is not up there of my favorite things to do, however they make the experience more palatable. Recently my daughter had some work done on fixing a tooth and whitening her teeth . We are thrilled with the results. She loves to smile broadly now and is no longer self-conscious. As a mom, that makes me very happy - so happy that now I'm going to beautify my own smile using the professional services of Dr. Stringer and Dr. Mullen. It's a comfort to have a great dental practice.

- Liz B.
October, 2013 | Google+ Local

“All office personal were very welcoming as I was a nervous wreck, they were so comforting and made me feel at ease, Chrissy and Susan stand out to me as very helpful and very professional, while making me feel I was with friends, and Dr. Stringer, I can't say enough about her, she is the best. I am glad I choose you for my dental care. Thanks to all. All and all it was the best experience I have had in dental care.

- Ola C.
Aug 21, 2013 | Smile Reminders

“I have been going to Dr. Mullen for many years and have always been very pleased with his work, the results and his professional and wonderful personality. When I heard he was going to sell the practice, my first thought was that of disappointment and concern of who I would possibly go to for my dental needs. Before I had much chance to worry about that, I met Dr. Stringer. She is the perfect dentist to take over for Dr. Mullen. Her expertise in this field is amazing, not to mention she is like a "breath of fresh air" when she walks in the room. She explains everything in detail so that the patient knows exactly what they need to know. I would never consider making a change away from this office. Besides, the staff of hygienist are wonderful, every one of them. I never thought I'd ever say this (since I was a child with "dentist phobia") but I do love going to see them...they treat their patients like gold and are so welcoming. I highly recommend this practice to everyone.

- Nancy R.
Aug 12, 2013 | Yelp

“Everyone was great. Front office staff are always friendly and energetic. Carol did a great job cleaning my teeth -- very thorough. Dr. Stringer was prompt in coming in after the cleaning. Very pleased”

- Thomas S. R.
April 30, 2013 | Smile Reminders

“Last week I went into Dr. Stringer's office to get my first cavity filled. I was very nervous going in because I thought it was going to be painful. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how fast, easy and pain free the procedure went. Dr. Stringer and her assistant worked fast and efficiently and always made sure I was completely comfortable. Overall I had a good experience and thought my first cavity filling was a breeze.”

- Melissa F.
March, 2013 | Google+ Local

“Every time I go to this dentist, the front office makes me feel at ease. Mary always has a smile on her face and explains everything that is going to happen. I feel comforted knowing I am in good hands. The office is always clean and the front desk makes you feel like family. I highly recommend anyone looking for a dentist to call and make an appointment. ”

- Richard B.
March, 2013 | Google+ Local

“I found Dr Stringer on Google . I am new to the Frederick area and wasn't sure the best way to find a dentist. I chose two that had good ratings. I went for consultations at both. I must say that I liked both, but the fact that Dr Stringer was so thorough in her examination and then told me that I had a few issues that should be addressed right away and a few things that could be watched. I felt like they were not over treating me. Long story short......I felt I wasn't just number. I'll be back. Very happy. Highly recommended.

- Chris J.
Dec 12, 2012 | Yelp

“I am dentist phobic and was treated excellently. Very considerate, all employees are so nice. Didn't try to sell me a bunch of services. VERY HAPPY !”

- Katie R.
Nov 11, 2012 | Yelp

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